Marcus Hiles – Property Development And The Environmental Footprint

We live in a time in which people are more environmentally conscious than ever. Media highlights the danger our ecological footprint is having on the wider natural world, as we see with the melting ice caps in Antarctica to the rising sea levels and severe storm all over the planet. Whilst many assume we can directly do anything as citizens to change this, there is still a strong movement to reduce our personal environmental footprint. Using different power methods, energy saving material and less water and electricity, and recycling may only seem like small steps, but can all help us make a difference in the long run. More than ever we are turning to ask questions of our living environments, and ask what we can do at home to help.

Following this the demand for ecologically friendly housing is on the rise, and property developers with strong ethics in this area are seeing a huge rise in popularity. Two such people, Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles- real estate CEOs and leaders of Western Rim Properties are committed to making their housing developments as environmentally friendly as possible. Bot born and raised Texans, they too ave an extra motive to lessen the impact on the beautiful nature that makes Texas such a glorious state. Marcus and Nancy Hiles’ commitment to develop Eco-friendly apartments is an integral part of the company vision.

As they say in their manifesto, ”Each of our apartment homes is designed in concert with nature to conserve energy”, and it can be seen in the materials used in their developments. They use reflective radiant barrier roof decking, dual pane low-e windows, and specially designed thermostat to regulate optimum temperatures. They use CFL and LED lighting and low VOC paints. On top of this ”all landscape systems are professionally designed utilizing water conserving irrigation systems and native landscape elements”.

As can be seen in all the Western Rim Property designs, the commitment to the environment is inescapable. Marcus and Nancy Hiles interest lies in more than attracting Eco-conscious families- they too want to see what is best for the state they love. By having the power for landscape change like property developers do, they understand the importance of using this responsibility wisely and to the wider good. To see an example of one of their latest projects following in the company vision, check out New Port Classic Homes by Marcus D Hiles.

What You Should Know About Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles: One of the Best in the World of Real Estate

Marcus Hiles is one of the best businessmen who are currently in the world of real estate and there are numerous reasons why. For one, he has made his own dream come true. And now, he is also making other peoples’ dreams come true.

Since Marcus Hiles was a child, he has already been taught how to have good working ethics and how to be hardworking. This is probably the reason why he has become such a successful person in his chosen field. Because of his diligence and hard work, Marcus managed to establish his own company, Western Rim Properties, which is now worth billions of US dollars.

Marcus Hiles Changes Lives

Since he started his own company with his wife, Nancy, Marcus Hiles has made his company famous and has made a huge difference in the lives of people from Texas. By providing them with their dream homes, Marcus Hiles has made a lot of people happy and contented with their residences.

Marcus has not just made a difference in the lives of people from Texas, he has also changed the game in the world of real estate. By providing luxurious homes at very affordable prices, he has challenged other real estate companies to do the same. If he has succeeded in doing this, then others should also be able to catch up with him as well. By establishing Western Rim Properties, Marcus has forever changed the expectations for real estate companies in Texas.

Marcus Hiles: Starting Young and Small

Marcus Hiles didn’t always have it this great. In fact, he was born into a middle class family and he only got to live the luxurious home of his dreams when he started Western Rim Properties with his wife, Nancy. With hard work and a sum of money from his savings, he successfully established his very own real estate company. Of course, he had the support of his wife, Nancy.

Marcus Hiles started Western Rim Properties when he was only 28 years old and since then, he has made his company a reputable one in the state of Texas. He has also built his reputation along with his company as well. Nowadays, Marcus Hiles is very successful, even more successful than he ever imagined to be. All thanks to his hard work and his never ending perseverance to reach his dream.

Marcus Hiles Gives all Credit to Philanthropy

Western Rim Property was established by Marcus Hiles. He did this to fulfill his dreams of creating properties of prime quality. True to say, he has shown steady growth and has been incredibly successful. His homes are built using finest materials and present a beautiful craftsmanship. Honestly, they are truly good that they get sold within few moments of their completion. Marcus Hiles is a name in Texas that is associated with high quality.

Expertise and Experience

Nancy Hiles and Marcus Hiles | Real Estate shows good developments. This is because of the expertise and experience that Marcus has gained in this real estate field. Today, he has an astounding knowledge that he manages to get the perfect combination of good materials and craftsmanship to create or develop homes that are fantastic and unique. Hiles is a thorough businessman with exact vision. He believes in giving back to the community and so is a well-known philanthropist.

Properties created by Marcus Hiles are in Texas best districts and are renowned to have schools, offices, supermarkets, healthcare and all such essentials in the nearby vicinity. Locating such signature homes is not difficult and Marcus Hiles is well known for his commitment towards education. He is a real estate tycoon, but understands the needs of buyers and builds houses fulfilling their requirements.


Nancy Hiles And Marcus Hiles Philanthropy is also well known. They already have given in billions of dollars to the community for K-12 programs and to higher education. They have ensured the inner schools, colleges and universities are rightly equipped to support and promote children with the required education. Hiles also works for women’s programs and art programs, besides children hospitals all through Texas.

Success through Philanthropy: The Charitable Lives of Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles. This couple believes in giving back and they have been donating even when they were studying. They saved from their pocket money and did programs to give as donation or charities. This was followed once they are capable of giving and so they do not set any limitation to address this issue of donation or charity. They give as they wish and ensure it is been used in the right manner. They help the women at risk and the non-profit organizations so that it serves the neediest people. There is a very strong belief that they have attained success through philanthropy that is a blessing in disguise.

Marcus Hiles Has Affected the Cities of Texas

Over the years, Marcus Hiles has been responsible for the development of residential communities that are both exceptional and affordable at the same time. His developed properties are spread across the state of Texas. They can be found in cities such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio and Aubrey. His company, Western Rim Property Services, has been trying to develop homes that can bring about an improvement in the lives of the industrious people of Texas. The results are plainly visible as the citizens in various cities such as Houston and Dallas have been enjoying an increase in the quality of their lives.

Affordable Living in Texas

Marcus Hiles believes that the people of Texas are very supportive and industrious. As such they deserve to get more than their money can afford in real estate. Houston and Dallas are the best examples of real estate markets that have improved thanks to the intervention of Marcus Hiles. Before Western Rim Properties by Marcus Hiles, the conditions in the real estate development market were deteriorating. There were not enough homes and apartments available for sale with respect to the numbers of prospective buyers.

When Marcus Hiles started off his real estate business, he decided to focus to two primary aims. The first aim was to make luxury homes affordable enough for the people. The other aim was to improve the local real estate markets. In order to fulfill his aims, Marcus began to create affordable residential communities in Dallas and Houston.

The Luxurious Life

In order to help those who wanted to live in a custom luxurious living space, Marcus Hiles and his company, Western Rim Property Services, began to develop a variety of elegant townhomes and luxurious residential communities. These homes have the best of everything to make sure that the residents do not end up feeling deprived of luxury. To know more about the luxury provided, visit Marcus Hiles on DeviantArt.

The Convenience of Distance

One of the major features and conveniences offered by the residential communities developed by Marcus Hiles is the distance to the downtown sector of the city. Each of these properties is located at a short distance from those areas in order to decrease the time that the residents spend on their daily commutes. This is certainly beneficial for single professionals and families alike.

People have certainly noticed the amount of effort that Western Rim Property Services put into the development of their properties. No wonder the people of Texas appreciate the work of Marcus Hiles.

Newport Classic Home the Corner Stone of Western Rim Property

The specialty of Western Rim Property is to construct custom communities around the country of Texas. The extensive portfolio of Western Rim Property shows that they have 20,000 residential units that are spread in places like Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin of Texas. The company in recent times is worth more than billions of dollars.

Marcus Hiles, the Chief Executive Officer and the chairman of Western Rim Property, applies a new development plan that will help him to spread his company around every corner of Texas. Marcus Hiles spends several days in closing the vital deals of the real-estate market in order to purchase new lands which are situated in the prime areas. After the process of purchasing the land is complete, Marcus Hiles begins his planning for the constructing the new property. Newport Classic constructed by this company is used as the blueprint for the construction of other properties.

Newport Classic Homes is the base project of Marcus Hiles’ company Western Rim Property. This was one of the original creations of the company, and the blueprint of this that is used for the construction of the different properties makes sure that there is consistency. The construction Of Newport Classic Homes is the prime reason behind the success of Western Rim Property. Marcus Hiles still uses the blueprint for his company’s construction. The success of this community can be attributed to the variety of amenities that has been offered. Each and every community of Marcus Hiles creation is done with the best possible materials.

Western Rim Property has always focused on building the best communities for the citizens of Texas. He had to spend an extensive amount of time chalking out his plan to build Newport Classic Homes because his aim was to leave a mark in the mind of the people with his first creation itself. Marcus D Hiles, Ceo of western rim knew if the residents of the community are satisfied then they would recommend these housing estates to their friends and families.

Each of the housing estates that have been created by Marcus Hiles has the same type of amenities like salons, parks, fitness clubs, cafes and much more. Marcus Hiles made sure that the residents of the community will not have to drive long distances in order to reach their work place. Marcus Hiles resume shows that he has been successful in his dedication providing the best properties with the all amenities at affordable price to the Texans.

Man Behind True Success

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim property services operate in Texas and aim at provide better living conditions and facilities to the people at the most affordable prices. With the bold ambition of doing something better and new Revolutionary business ideas, Marcus Hiles began is journey at the age of 28. A western Rim property service is now one of the largest and well-reputed real estate development firms in Texas. Now, after so much time and facing many hardships on their way, Marcus Hiles and his company have reached new heights of success in the Texas real estate market, with the completion and Management of more than 7500 projects.

Marcus Hiles was never inherited a huge amount of wealth from his family. The only thing that he had was his stubborn nature and dedication towards hard work. He truly believes that by working hard anything is possible. After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Rice University and earning Master’s in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California, Marcus Hiles set foot in the world in order to gain success. He knew from the beginning that it was only through the hard work and his bold ambitions, he will finally be able to enjoy success and so he did. He started polishing his business skills and preparing himself while he was still in college and the result was he was able to establish real estate development firm that is now worth billions.

Many people believe that the main reason behind his success is the financial support that he has got from his father who was an inner city minister. But the truth is the only thing that he is inherited from his father was is the quality of being kind hearted. It was through him, Marcus Hiles learn the quality of becoming successful and gained the ability of never giving up hope no matter what the circumstances are. After graduation, Marcus Hiles worked with various real estate developers and investors learning as much as he can about the industry and groom himself for the future. Like every business entrepreneur who starts his business from scratch, Marcus Hiles also faces many problems. It was not that the success came flying to him. In Starting the profits were low, and maturity of it was spent in paying the taxes and payments of the staff. Even after being struck by the economic crisis in the year 2008 to 2012, Marcus Hiles never gives up his dream. After spending his sweat and blood, his hard work finally paid off. He paved His way through the economic crisis setting milestones of success and reaching new Heights. During the time of crisis, he was not only able to maintain his own firm but also helped many other companies and people.

Marcus Hiles ambitions and Revolutionary business ideas made him the success what he is today. He set an example to the entire world of being a perfect American successful business tycoon. All appreciates his business skills and quality of great leaders. But that was not the end for him. After becoming a billionaire he decided to give it all back to the people setting an example of a perfect responsible entrepreneur. After earning large amount of profits from his business he is now donating a substantial amount of his fortune. It is because of his donation many poor people in Texas now have a place that they can call home. It was him and his company that filled the void in the Texas real estate market, fulfilling the dreams of many potential Texas buyers who were not initially able to buy properties due to their high rates.

A Step above the Rest: Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties

Marcus Hiles, a successful real estate developer based in central Texas, has positioned himself to be one of the leading real estate developers of his time. After he obtained his master’s degree from Pepperdine University in California, Marcus D. Hiles knew that he wanted to return to his home state and build a company from the ground up. With the help of a small but wealthy network of investors and a few friends, Marcus founded his own company at the young age of 28.

Western Rim Property Services – Texas based real estate Company by Marcus Hiles took form in 2004. With his new company, He had a vision to do greatness: Provide exceptional residential communities located in the best zip codes with the best amenities for low prices. While it was extremely tough for him to thrive during the first few years, he made a large amount of sacrifices to keep the business alive. He sold many of his major assets and even lived with a close friend sleeping on his couch for months at a time.

Success after Sacrifices – Western Rim Properties Takes Off

After a few years of sacrificing everything he had, Marcus Hiles began to reap the fruits of his labor. His company had finished construction on a few of its properties, and people bought units at record paces. He knew that his vision would work on a long term basis because consumers were seeking higher values for their real estate investment, and Western Rim Properties was the only company that could follow through on this promise.

Marcus Hiles a property developer continued to drive his company towards record profits year after year. From the very first day he started working for himself, he dedicated his life to finding the perfect solution for the residents of Texas, and his employees follow the same tradition of hard work that he has throughout his entire life.

Bypassing Real Estate Competitors in Texas

Western Rim Properties began to experience so much success that the company eventually bypassed all of its competitors in terms of profit and size of real estate portfolio. His vision for the future of Texas real estate was well under way and he continued to plan for future expansion across the rest of the country.

Western Rim Properties is well known as a leading real estate firm in Texas. Thousands of people from all over the United States move to one of Marcus prime residential communities because the company offers an exceptionally high level of amenities and convenience.

Dallas Billionaire Marcus Hiles Makes the News

A billionaire with a vision, Marcus Hiles, is the owner of Western Rim Property Services. Unlike other billionaires, He, at the age of 28, set out with the intent of buying and developing real estate properties with the tenants in mind. His goal was to bring together quality, affordability, and location – all this to fulfill the needs of the modern middle class family. With over 7,500 properties in Dallas and the greater Texas area, Western Rim Property Services is worth more than $1 billion in assets.

marcus hilesMarcus Hiles is the son of a minister and had no assistance when it came to starting Western Rim. He built the company from the ground up. First, he graduated from Rice University with a Bachelors and then went on to receive his Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California. He finally made it back to Dallas to begin his entrepreneurial journey by forming Western Rim. He had trouble paying his staff at first. In fact, he remembers having to crash on the floor of a friend’s house to make ends meet. Although the beginning was shaky, He stuck to his business plan and great work ethic. It was through his hard work that allowed him to persevere.

Marcus has spent decades buying and building houses, apartments, and condominiums. Many of them are built with state-of-the-art modern amenities with cutting-edge technology giving tenants access to a pool, spa, and an exercise facility. Not only are these aspects of the property currently available, but the location has been a huge determining factor. It was all part of his initial vision. In order for families to thrive, the properties had to be near schools, careers, and communities in the Dallas area. These perks are a perfect addition to the properties for the hard-working average American family.

Marcus D. Hiles is not all about business and buying up properties, though. This Dallas-based entrepreneur has also made huge strides in giving back to the community at large. His philanthropic side of him is no secret for those in the area. He has donated large amounts of money to support K-12 education, women’s health services, college funding, and children’s hospitals all across the Lone Star state.

Marcus Hiles started from the bottom and turned his Dallas-based company into spectacle of ethics and acquisition.

First Class Accommodations and First Class Charity: Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles, real estate guru has over 7,500 properties and is making news. While He has made himself a staple in Texas in the real estate world, he is making himself known in philanthropy as well. While his charity has not always been in the news, it should have been a headline. He has a big heart and shows it.

Marcus HilesHis philanthropy is well-known in the real estate market. Through his affordable luxury properties, he has given the middle class accessible luxury. But this isn’t what is making news. He is spreading his philanthropy elsewhere. Through donations in support of community-improving programs, Marcus Hiles is changing the world. He has donated to children’s programs, music programs, women’s shelters, children’s hospitals, and so much more.

MarcusdhilesIt is remarkable that a man with such a full plate is able to work toward the future of others. But philanthropy has been a part of the family for generations. It was his father, an inner-city minister, who instilled the philanthropic spirit into Marcus Hiles. Following in his father’s footsteps of goodwill, He continues to give back to the community. Education is extremely important to him and investing in K-12 programs and higher education means he is investing in the future.

Marcus love of education goes back to his own. He received his Bachelors at Rice University and then his Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. He returned home at the age of 28, and began his long journey of building homes in the area. It was difficult at first and paying staff was sometimes a challenge. It is due to his own struggles starting out, including crashing on a friend’s floor, that spurs Marcus Hiles to continue to support others who may be going through similar hardships. This is also why he was so certain that the business model of Western Rim needed to continue his dream. Western Rim continues to offer affordable accommodations for hard workers that should help them avoid any hardships.

In a world where only shocking stories make the news, He and his impressive charity is changing that. Through his continued support of those who may need help achieving their American Dream, he has given Texans hope. Not only through his affordable real estate, but by supporting charities who help those who have hit rock bottom. The future is bright for many due to the philanthropy of Marcus Hiles.

Hard Work Breeds Success: Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties

Real estate development is a tough business. While education and experience can increase your chances of being successful, only a few have the drive to really make it big. Marcus Hiles, one of the leading real estate developers and philanthropists of our time, is a prime example of a successful businessman.

Marcus Hiles has always been a driven man that will do anything to achieve his goals. From an early age his parents taught him that, with a little hard work, you can be as successful as you want to be. Marcus Hiles took that attitude, completed a degree and made the right connections.

Moving Forward: College and Experience

After Marcus Hiles graduated from high school, he attended Rice University. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management within four years and was known as one of the hardest working students of his graduating class.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Marcus Hiles attended Pepperdine University in California to get a Master’s in Business Administration. It was at this time that Marcus Hiles would make connections with other people that would change his life forever.

While attending Pepperdine University, Marcus Hiles began working for a local real estate development company. He worked his way up from the ground floor, learning everything he could at every level. He eventually became one of the most successful salespeople at the company, prompting him to leave and find something that would challenge him even more.

Finding his way as an Entrepreneur

Marcus Hiles moved back to Texas. As he was looking for something more challenging, Marcus Hiles discovered that a significant gap currently existed in the real estate market. People wanted better value for their money when they bought a home, and Marcus Hiles wanted to give it to them.

After months of extensive research and networking with other real estate professionals, Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties in 2004. Since finding his way as an entrepreneur with a new company, Marcus Hiles has reached heights of success that he had never before imagined were possible.

The Current Status of Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties

Marcus Hiles continues to work hard every day to drive his company forward. He finds time every week to focus on philanthropy, and donates millions of dollars every year to a variety of charities.

Western Rim Properties now has over 20,000 residential units in its portfolio and is a multi-billion dollar property firm.